There are several important progresses in the center that can promote significantly the micro-nano maufacturing techologies into industrial applicationsthe.

1. Large Format UV laser Hybrid-Pattern Generator for Micro-Nano Structures

Researchers of center at SVG Optronics has been successfully completed the large format UV laser patterning lithography system as large as 1300mm x 1100mm with multi-optical head writers, resolution of 0.1um-0.5um and scanning speed of 600mm/s.

    UV Laser interference lithography systems for micro-nano structures: 65", 100nm resolution
    UV hybrid micro-nano patterning systems with 3D navigation flying exposure mode and SLM&PLM technologies for extremely fast patterning on the large format substrates.

2. Roll-to-roll nano-imprinting technologies for mass-production

Researchers of the center at SVG Optronics has pushed the roll-to-roll themal and UVnano imprinting technologies ahead for micro-nano-structure replication.


Unique seamless micro-nano and holographic embossing system for manufacturing the micro-nano structure films.

The mask or mold dimensions of micro-optical devices and 3D images can be reached up to 40-inch and the feature sizes of micro structure can range from 100nm to 200um. The microlense array, sub-micron grating, binary optical element and other device can be truly mass produced with low cost and short delivery times.


3.Large size Ultra-LGF & Novel Patterned TCF for display and touch panel

Researhers of center invented the novel approach for ultra-thin light guide films(LGF) with thermal-imprinting, the micro/nano metal-mesh transparent conductive films(TCF) with the nano-patterning and conductive material assembly technologies. The new TCF and LGF will siginificantly change the progressed of the flat-pad BLU and  large size touch panel.


4. Large Size Films and Device Fabrication

The high quality micro-structure films, such as microlens array, bio-chips, beam-shaping, 3D holographic mastering, seamless embossing optical transferring films, high security solutions, have been applied in the related industries.

Examples, ChineseID, Driver License ID and 3D image flexible packaing materials have been applied national and world-widely.


Center at SVG Optronics has the capabilty to fabricate the diffraction gratings as large as 600mm x800mm with high diffraction efficiency on the dielective subtrates for pulse compress grating and related devices.

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