SVG Optronics Co., Ltd won the title of "national intellectual property advantage enterprise of 2018"

Recently, the state intellectual property office released 2018 annual national list of corporate intellectual property advantage SVG Optronics Co., Ltd was selected among them, and in countries in the region advantage index system of enterprise knowledge score 90 points.


This is because the company attaches great importance to the work of intellectual property. In recent years, the company has formulated an enterprise intellectual property strategy, established an intellectual property management department, and increased investment in intellectual property. Successively won the national intellectual property GB/T29490-2013 management system certification, 4 items of Chinese patent excellence award, 1 item of patent gold medal in jiangsu province, jiangsu province high value patent cultivating plan, the intellectual property strategy to promote jiangsu province, jiangsu province enterprise intellectual property management standardization demonstrative unit, the first prize of excellent inventor of jiangsu province, suzhou enterprise intellectual property dengfeng action plan, suzhou, suzhou major patent technology intensive enterprises intellectual property promotion, suzhou intellectual property strategy to promote a series of honor.


Part of the honorary certificate


The evaluation of national intellectual property advantage enterprises is conducted from the aspects of creation, application and protection of intellectual property of enterprises, aiming at cultivating superior enterprises with high quantity and quality of intellectual property, strong ability of intellectual property protection and application, initial formation of competitive advantages of intellectual property market and regional influence. Therefore, this selection is not only a high affirmation of the company's work in the creation, application and protection of intellectual property, but also a strong encouragement for the company to form the advantages of intellectual property and continuously improve the market competitiveness.