Application of micro-nano optics in security paper

We have the highest level of micro-nano optical R&D and process capacity. Covering and integrating multi-layer micro-nano optical technology, it has laser effect, 3D lens effect and solid figure, at the same time time adopts proprietary micro-nano processing technology.

Top Level Optical Security Solutions

SVG is a leader security solition provider in china, such as Chines ID card and Chinese Driver license card and produces a variety of security products from conception to realization and distribution with full services for the customers. SVG does the entensivel investigation on the optical security from the technology, advanced equipment to new materials in Research Center for Digital Optical Imaging and Displaying.

Special ironing film and holographic ironing film

At present, e-commerce has achieved unprecedented rapid development. Due to the lack of effective protection means, there are many fake and shoddy goods in the mail. From the perspective of maintaining the brand and reputation, anti-counterfeiting packaging is an effective way to protect the brand. Customized safety optical printing materials and special safety hot stamping materials are effective means to protect the brand.

Hot-stamping foils for special decoration and security

SVG provides a variety of holographic hot stamping foils used to stamp the special patterns to the PVC cards, papers, leather and other materials as the anti-counterfeit purposes or decorations.

Active matrix optical security film

Active Matrix Optical Security(AMOS) film, the next generation security technology, has been investigated after many years for high-level security documents, currency and brandname by SVG Optronics.