Glasses-free 3D light field display

Three dimensional (3D) display is the device that enables a user to perceive depth of an image for a given object. Holography is an ideal 3D display technology that can reconstitute both the intensity and wave-front information of an object.

Large Capacitive Touch Panels iVTP

GOOD NEWS With the proprietary cutting-edge technologies, iVtouch offers the large format projected capacitive touch(PCT) panels iVTP from 21.5" to 55" with stunning touch performances.

Ultra-thin light guide plate (LGP) & film (LGF)


Visionboard:Ultra-Touch-Pad for Smart Table

Visionboard is specially designed for the use in education, retail, enterprise IT, advertising and entertainment for applictions requiring gesture-based support, such as the interactive information hub, touch table, kiosk,

Micro-lenticular lens for 3D display

Micro-Lenticular lens array(MLLA), Micro-lens array(MLA) films are one kind of important devices for 3D display, back light (BLU), light guide and optical security.

LED lighting guide plate for car welcome pedal

Our company is a car welcome pedal lighting module enterprise, designed LED ultra-thin car welcome pedal LED lighting guide plate and batch manufacturing. We provide the highest quality LED lighting accessories.

Microlens Array Optical Films

Microlens array films are the interesting alternative solutions for all applications where miniaturization and reduction of alignment costs are necessary.

Smart Furniture & Enterprise IT

The ultra large AIO PC, VisionBoard,installed the high performance touch screen has been integrated with Smart Furniture and Enterprise IT for interactive and gesture-based applications.